Immedia is a fluorescence measurement based approach to highly sensitive and precision detection spanning across a variety of sample and assay formats used in biological research

The system is characterised by its extreme sensitivity in detection of fluorescence emissions across three spectral channels as well as its ability to scan three-dimensional volumes with a focused laser

The Immedia platform represents the convergence of cross-disciplinary innovations involving laser optics, optical-mechanics, micro-fluidics, electronics, data processing, and unique Mix-and-Read assay protocols

Multiple Modalities on One Platform

As a Cytometer,

Immedia is an event detector that is capable of detecting, classifying, and enumerating at single cell level akin to a fluorescence microscope as well as examining a large population of cells to generate statistics akin to a flow cytometer

As a Fluorometer,

Immedia is a sensitive high dynamic range fluorescence measurement platform that is capable of nearly real-time kinetic fluorescence measurements across three spectral bands simultaneously

Immedia is designed to leverage the concept behind Fluorescence Microvolume Assay Technology (FMAT), which is a broad-based technology that enables high sensitivity fluorescence measurement in biological samples in micro-volume formats

In FMAT, when a fluorophore labeled reagent binds to a cell or other matrix, it is concentrated and gives rise to a signal over the background that is measured with a laser scanner. The properties of microvolume fluorimetry have allowed for example, the development of several cell function assays such as cell expression, cell activation and cytotoxicity that are very useful cell function biology.

FMAT is implemented on Immedia using Capillaries, Micro-wells and Membrane cartridges